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Stone sheets

Sheets of stone were strewn about the road on Route 173 in Antioch, IL. On November 1, 2022 a flatbed truck lost its load of stone and made a mess on the road. The article repeatedly states that it was “sheets of stone” but it does kinda look like sheetrock or drywall.

Via Lake McHenry County Scanner


Hay! What’s all over the road? Hay!

On November 4, 2022 a flatbed truck overturned spilling it’s load of hay onto I-91 in Hartford CT.

State police posted on Facebook “We’re going to ‘make hay’ with this post. Soon, this situation willbe ‘baled’ out”.

No needles were found in the haystack.

Via Fox 61

Dildos and Lube

On September 16, 2022 a truck crashed and rolled over spilling its load of dildos and personal lubricant onto the road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The crash occurred near “a major adult-product-focused distribution hub”. Reporters on the scene had difficulty in describing the accident. Some reports were that the spilled cargo were Adam & Eve G-Spot Touch Finger vibrators. Eastbound I-40 was closed for about four hours for cleanup.

Via OK News 9 and others

Alfredo Sauce

On August 30, 2022 a truck crashed into a wall on I-55 in Memphis, TN creating a big mess with a large spill of Five Brother’s Alfredo Sauce. The accident happened at 4:43 p.m. and clean up continued into the night.

Via ABC24 and others


On August 29, 2022, tomatoes made quite a mess on I-80 in Vacaville, CA. The truck carrying tomatoes hit the center divider and spread them over several lanes.


Bud Light

On August 10, 2022 a semi truck overturned on I-71 in Kentucky, spilling thousands of Bud Light cans along the shoulder and median. There were no injuries.

Via WLKY, twitter, and others


On January 21, 2022 a trailer carrying 100 monkeys on I-80 in Danville, Pennsylvania collided with a dump truck spilling monkeys onto the roadway.

At least 4 monkeys got loose and were eventually captured. Unfortunately 3 of the monkeys had to be euthanized.

The cynomolgus monkeys can cost up to $10,000 each and are used in medical research.

Via The Guardian, Fox 59, and others


On January 14, 2022 a truck in Melbourne, Australia spilled “animal entrails and meat waste” on the M80 freeway. Unfortunately it was 93 degrees that day so the smell only got worse.


On November 8, 2021 a truck carrying wine spilled it’s load on a busy stretch of US-421 in Winston-Salem NC. After the crash was reported on the Winston-Salem PD twitter account many followers volunteered to help with the clean up effort.

Via Winston-Salem PD Twitter


On September 19, 2021 a truck carrying goats and sheep overturned in Normal, Ill spilling farm animals which were running up and down interstate 55. The driver and all the animals were unharmed. Local farms and animal hospital came to the assistance of the animals and helped corral and herd them back into trailers.