You just can’t make this stuff up.

On December 15, 2008, a tractor trailer with two tankers of road de-icer driving on I-205 in Portland, OR, slipped on the icy road, overturned, and spilled some of it’s load on the highway.

The tankers were loaded with calcium magnesium acetate, which is used to de-ice roads. The driver, who was not injured, reported that he was slowing down to pull off to the right when the tanker trailers began to slide on the icy roadway. They ran off the road, rolled over, and disconnected from the truck. One of the tankers broke open and leaked the road de-icer. The spill was contained by the Metro Area Interagency HAZMAT Team and the Clackamas County Fire Department. The northbound lanes were closed for about a half-hour and the right lane was closed for over four hours.


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