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On April 2, 2009, about 2,000 pounds of raw sausage spilled onto a busy road in Savannah Georgia. Just before 11:00 a.m. a truck carrying an open load of sausage was cut-off by a car, causing the driver to slam on his brakes, shifting his load and causing the spill.

Unfortunately, it was rainy at the time and the rain mixed with the sausage caused a thick, mushy mess. City crews tried sweeping up the sausage, then tried using street sweepers, but neither worked. Eventually, they used a mobile jet vac to suck it up. It took about 4 hours to clear the messy street.

The truck belonged to Griffin Industries which collects expired sausage from restaurants and stores. They also collect waste by-products from slaughterhouses, butchers, hotels, restaurants, etc. The waste products are recycled into rendered fats and proteins, pet food, and fertilizer. The fatty acids obtained from our meaty leftovers find their way into soaps, gelatins, cosmetics, paints, and many other products.

Incidentally, I was wondering what a mobile jet vac was, so I looked around and found that it is a truck with a giant jet vacuum designed for cleaning out sewers.