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Brussels Sprouts

On December 16, 2019 a truck full of brussels sprouts overturned in Rosyth, Scottland making a sproutrageous mess. They had to bring a front-end-loader in to clean up the mess.

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A truck carrying portable toilets spilled its load when its brakes failed and it ran off the road in Warren County, PA. Unfortunately, the toilets were full and spilled human waste as well. Nobody was injured in the accident.


Tomato Puree

One June 2, 2021 a truck crash let to a tomato puree spill in cambridge England. It also spilled olive oil on the road resulting in a mixture that was almost bolognese. The combination made for a dangerous mess.

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On May 9, 2018 a truck carrying hot liquid chocolate spilled it tasty load across sox lanes of the A6 motorway in Poland. Once the chocolate started cooling it created quite a mess to clear from the road. The driver was taken to the hospital with a broken arm but was otherwise OK.

Mac N Cheese

On May 24, 2020 a truck overturned in Nashville and spilled 40,000 pounds of macaroni and cheese on the road. Fortunately it was dry Mac N Cheese.

Carnival Prizes

On November 1, 2021 a truck overturned in Walton County, Florida carrying some sort of carnival prizes.



On January 21, 2017 a driver lost his marbles in Indianapolis.

The truck was carrying 38,000 pounds of marbles which were spilled on the side of the road and took almost the full day to clean up.



On April 17, 2021 in Logan Utah, a truck rolled over spilling Onions all along the road.

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On October 10, 2008 the driver of a turkey truck in Rollag, MN unfortunately died when his truck rolled down an embankment.

Hundreds of turkeys were on the loose.



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Slime Eels

More than 7,000 pounds of hagfish, also known as slime eels, coated a section of Highway 101 with a gel described as “Spider-Man’s webbing crossed with a jellyfish.”

Source: Chain-Reaction Crash With Minor Injuries, Except for the Slime Eels