On June 11, 2009, an armored car travelling on I-75 in Detroit somehow managed to spill bags of cash onto the highway. It is not clear how their door opened and the bags fell out.

What followed is still a big problem for Loomis, the armored car company that lost the cash. Local motorists began stopping and scooping up as much cash as possible, scrambling to get the money before the guards could. Local residents who heard about the incident also began to show up in the area looking through the tall grass along the roadway for stray bills or just to heckle the guards. Some motorists did hand any cash they picked up to the guards. However as of Friday the company estimates that about $160,000.00 is still missing.

The company claims that they will utilize traffic cameras in the area to track down and prosecute people that pocketed the money. However, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation, it is illegal for them to use traffic cameras in order to apprehend anyone. So there seems to be little they can do to find those that walked off with cash in their pockets.


The Detroit News

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