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On April 6, 2009, in Benalla, Australia, a truck overturned and spilled its load of liquid glucose. About two-thirds of the entire load of glucose spilled on the road.

The driver suffered a broken shoulder.

Absorbent material was laid over the spill and the road was pressure washed to remove any remaining glucose.

The Border Mail

Smucker’s Jelly Packets

On May 16, 2009 in Sacramento, CA, a truck carrying individual serving Smuckers Jelly packets overturned spilling it’s load of sticky goodness all over the highway.

The accident began with a minor accident involving several cars. Just after the occupants of the cars got out, a tractor-trailer, struck one of the cars and overturned. The truck driver suffered two broken legs, but there were no other major injuries.


Sacremento Press


On April 2, 2009, about 2,000 pounds of raw sausage spilled onto a busy road in Savannah Georgia. Just before 11:00 a.m. a truck carrying an open load of sausage was cut-off by a car, causing the driver to slam on his brakes, shifting his load and causing the spill.

Unfortunately, it was rainy at the time and the rain mixed with the sausage caused a thick, mushy mess. City crews tried sweeping up the sausage, then tried using street sweepers, but neither worked. Eventually, they used a mobile jet vac to suck it up. It took about 4 hours to clear the messy street.

The truck belonged to Griffin Industries which collects expired sausage from restaurants and stores. They also collect waste by-products from slaughterhouses, butchers, hotels, restaurants, etc. The waste products are recycled into rendered fats and proteins, pet food, and fertilizer. The fatty acids obtained from our meaty leftovers find their way into soaps, gelatins, cosmetics, paints, and many other products.

Incidentally, I was wondering what a mobile jet vac was, so I looked around and found that it is a truck with a giant jet vacuum designed for cleaning out sewers.


Doughnut Glaze

On June 16, 2009, a truck loaded with doughnut glaze lost control and rolled over on the Pacific Highway South in Des Moines, Washington, spilling it’s sticky load into a culvert. The Department of Transportation was called in to clean up the mess. The driver sustained minor injuries, but declined medical attention. Some news reports claimed this was Krispy Kreme glaze, but it doesn’t seem like it would be because they mix that up at the stores.

(When I’m working on this site, there are times when I seriously can’t believe what I am reading. I thought for sure this photo was a fake and I had my suspicions about the story. But, it turns out it is all true. I still can’t figure out why they were transporting doughnut glaze in these kinds of quantities. I mean, really? Do they use that much?)

The Seattle Times, Photo Greg Gilbert

Hamburger Patties

On February 17, 2009, A truck driver in Salt Lake City, Utah fell asleep at the wheel, drifted into the center divider, causing the semi to strike an overhead. This split open the trailer, spilling about 40,000 pounds of hambuger patties on the highway. Patties littered the northbound lanes of I-15 and some of them hopped the divider into the southbound lanes as well.

Oddly enough just a few hours earlier, a truck spilled beer on a nearby highway. Maybe someone was planning a picnic?


Egg Gluten

On June 23, 2009, in Topeka, Kansas, two piles of a yellow substance were spotted on the roadway. The substance was at first unidentified, which triggered a haz-mat scare that blocked the highway entrance for several hours.

Fire department haz-mat crews were dispatched to take samples. Eventually it turned out to be egg gluten, which is used as a feed additive. The truck that spilled it was not identified. Once crews knew what the substance was, it was cleaned up and the road reopened.



Tomato Paste

On February 5, 2010, in Modesto, CA, a truck carrying tomato paste lost it’s load on the northbound lane of Mitchell Road near the Modesto Aiport. Ups to six inches of tomato paste covered the road.

Crews used shovels to remove most of the mess and a street sweeper cleaned up the rest.

The flatbed truck that was responsible was later pulled over by the Highway Patrol.

Via Modesto Bee

Pig Food

Pig Food

It’s rare that we get live footage of a truck spill in action. Even rarer when it’s this disgusting. Rarer still when it’s this funny.

Justin Rowlatt, known as The Ethical Man, flew to Las Vegas to see how a pig farm feeds their pigs with leftovers from the city’s restaurants.

Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to him to be a bit more careful when he stopped his truck full of slop just as he reached the cameraman.

He was wearing a nice suit too! (Why?)


Ecological Disaster! Ethical Man Gets Covered… by KareenMekhi


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