This spill is awesome, although it’s not technically a truck spill, but a ship spilling a container that probably would have eventually been on a truck (close enough).

In November, 2006 a cargo container full of Doritos apparently fell off a ship. After drifting for several days, it was discovered by charter captains in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, who broke it open and helped themselves to the snacks (although I’m sure they didn’t know what was inside until they broke it open).

Eventually, the container came ashore in Frisco, just south of the Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier, along with much of it’s cargo. Thousands of bags of Doritos were washed up on the beach. Residents stuffed garbage bags with the tasty treats, which were still fresh, since the bags are airtight. One person filled a truck with the chips.

The Marine Safety Team in Elizabeth City was dispatched. They are responsible for cleaning up hazardous material, but when they found out it was Doritos, they determined it was not a contamination threat.


The Virginia-Pilot. Photos by Donna Barnett, Barbara Satterthwaite

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