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A tractor-trailer loaded with Keystone Light beer overturned near Denver, CO on the morning of May 15, 2008, spilling cases of beer on I-70 and closing the ramp for several hours.
Crews reopened the ramp at about 3 p.m., according the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Wheat Ridge police spokeswoman Lisa Stigall said the truck driver transporting 12-pack cases of Keystone Light in cans lost control on the wet highway.

The truck hit a curve too fast and tipped over, tearing the side and top of the trailer and spewing beer cans down the embankment. The driver was not seriously injured. Some of the beer survived, too. It was transferred to another truck by hand.

The “uninjured” beer, as Stigall called it, was being transferred by hand to another truck.

The far right lane of I-70 was closed this afternoon because the nose of the beer truck protruded onto the shoulder, she said. Still, traffic on eastbound I-70 was “flowing nicely.”

She said the highway could still close when a wrecker is brought in to flip the beer truck back over.
On A tractor-trailer loaded with beer overturned on a ramp to Interstate 70 this morning, spilling cases of brew on the roadway and closing the ramp for hours.

The Navaho Express rig overturned about 10:30 a.m. on the ramp from Colorado Highway 58 to the eastbound lanes of the interstate in Wheat Ridge.

Keystone Light’s slogan is “Always smooth, even when you’re not.” On Tuesday, a semi tractor-trailer hauling a load of Keystone was anything but smooth as it rolled over, spilling beer and fuel all over the roadway.

In the last photo, young men can be seen “salvaging” cans of beer. I couldn’t determine if they were with the crew that was tranferring the beer to another truck, or local guys transferring the beer to their fridge.

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