Tomahawk Missile

On July 21, 2006, a Tomahawk Cruise Missile fell off a truck and landed in the middle of the highway near the Bronx.

The truck was carrying the Cruise Missile on I-95 in New York on its way from Rhode Island to Virginia when it broke down and was rear-ended by another tractor-trailer. This knocked the missile off the truck and onto the highway. The missile remained in it’s fiberglass protective box.

The NYC Police Department only stated that it was an “inert ordnance”, but the NYC Fire Department confirmed that it was a Tomahawk missile. The NYPD bomb squad removed the ordnance. It was not armed.

One news account said that it was actually a dummy missile used for training. (“No, no, we didn’t drop an actual missile, it was…er… a dummy missile. Yeah, that’s it. A dummy. In it’s own specially-made fiberglass case. No, really!”)

Thanks to Laurie in Colorado for this Truck Spill.

WCBS Newsradio photos: Tom Kaminski

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